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Guided walks in the Caux-Seine Valley region


Walkers, observers and the curious… Travellers or strollers, seasoned hikers or simple bystanders, join us on one of our guided walks in the Caux-Seine Valley region.


discover the beauty of the Caux-Seine valley region

The unmistakable charm of Caux-Seine Valley can’t really be appreciated until you take to the footpaths which crisscross it. From a multitude of little things to grand, imposing buildings and monuments, our heritage shows itself by strokes, like the impressionist paintings for which it has often been the subject. Of course, there are any number of treasures dotted around the region: abbeys, manors, thatched half-timber cottages, traditional tree-enclosed farms and Roman remains to name but a few. Maybe it’s only by foot that you can really find the real, living heart of the Caux region.


a summary of the guided walks from 2014

If you weren’t there for the traditional end-of-season dinner… to see what it’s all about, click here

2015 guided walks programme

Get the whole 2015 programme of guided walks by downloading this bookmark and you can sign up by calling us on: +33 (0)232 704 632, or by email:

You will be told the time and meeting place at the time of signing up.



Individual walks: 2 €

Years subscription: 20€


Tourist Office of Caux Vallée de Seine

Tourist Office of Caux Vallée de Seine - Maison de l'intercommunalité allée du Catillon - 76170 Lillebonne - Normandie - France

+33 (0)2 32 70 46 32