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La Sauvagette

La Sauvagette

La Sauvagette

an Original family day out

Le Parc de La Sauvagette at Lanquetot, together with its four-legged residents welcome you to their wonderful world of dogs.

The first stop is the collection of 2,500 objects all concerned with dogs. Next, you’ll be enchanted by the Labradors which we breed and raise with devotion and the know-how we’ve accumulated over 30 years. You can also meet some rare, unusual, strange or simply very affectionate breeds which will certainly leave a lasting impression.

It’s the ideal opportunity to meet these rare and unusual breeds in a fun and friendly environment. They won’t fail to be touched and surprised by them.

Later on the guided visits you can meet and stroke Bedlington Terriers, Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs, Thai Ridgebacks and many others.

You can also find out answers to questions you’ve maybe asked yourself about dogs, as well as many others you hadn’t thought of! There are many others things to make your visit complete, including The Cuddle Garden, mini farm, inflatables, pedal sulkies, quizzes and puzzles, play area and introductory horse or pony rides (additional fee).

Have a great time!



the cuddle garden

Stroking, playing and bonding is what this little stop-off for affection is all about! You can play with the Labradors, throw balls and other toys that they’ll never tire of bringing back to you, all in a our wooded, flowery garden.  The game is on to see who can get the most cuddles!


Parc de la Sauvagette

459, RD 6015 – Le Vieux Château

76210 Lanquetot

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