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The Victor Hugo Museum

Nestled in a bend of the river, the village of Villequier is renowned for the tragic fate of Victor Hugo’s daughter, Léopoldine and her husband, Charles Vacquerie. You can learn more about the life and work of this monumental figure of French literature by visiting The Victor Hugo Museum.



Musée Victor Hugo à Villequier

The Victor Hugo Museum, Villequier

The museum at Villequier was set up in 1959, in the former second residence of Isidore Vacquerie, a shipowner from Le Havre. One of his sons, Auguste met Victor Hugo, of whom he was a great admirer, whilst studying in Paris. More links were  forged between the two families during the holidays that Madame Hugo and her children spent in Villequier. The destinies of the two families were further joined by the marriage of the writer’s eldest daughter to Charles Vacquerie and by their tragic drowning in the Seine only a few months later. The descendants of the Vacqueries have also contributed to this bond by their many donations to the museum. Today, the museum recreates the lives of the Hugo-Vacqueries through things such as objects, furniture and furnishings. Through manuscripts, first editions, photographs, drawings and letters, the career of Victor Hugo is traced as well as that of Auguste Vacquerie, who was not only the executor of the writer’s will, but also a journalist, actor, and photographer alongside Hugo’s two sons.



You can continue your visit by a climb up to the church graveyard to see the Hugo- Vacquerie family tombs – as well as the impressive view!





The Hugo family often came to the village after the drowning of Léopoldine. Victor Hugo’s wife and two daughters are buried in Villequier at Saint-Martin’s Church. The tombs were renovated in 2015.

The two sons of Victor Hugo are in the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris. Victor Hugo was laid to rest in the Panthéon. The collection of poems in Les Contemplations will remain forever associated to Villequier.


The Victor Hugo Museum

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