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The Roman Amphitheatre at Lillebonne

The biggest and best preserved Roman amphitheatre north of the Loire, it measures 108 meters long by 94 meters wide and can be found in Lillebonne. Although it’s a little farther away from the Seine than it was back then, Lillebonne is still worth a detour!

Visit the remains of the biggest amphitheatre from antiquity north of the Loire !



The amphitheatre bears witness to the rich Gallo-Roman history of the town, which was previously called Juliobona. Go back in time by entering the magnificently preserved remains of the arena, which was first built in the 1st century AD, altered and enlarged in the 2nd and 3rd centuries before being abandoned and turned into a fortress to defend the town. From its earliest days until recently, several thousand spectators could be accommodated to watch all manner of spectacles.The remains are visible from the square opposite.


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Lillebonne Amphitheatre

 Lillebonne Amphitheatre

Place Felix Faure

76170 Lillebonne

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Other remains to discover

Other remains can be seen in the town centre. If you’re near to Notre Dame Church you can see the remains of the forum or even those of the mineral springs in the Jean Rostand gardens. In fact, Lillebonne is built on an entirely incalculable number of remains!

Tourist Office of Caux Vallée de Seine

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